About the project

ERASMUS+ programme, 2014-2016

TITLE: ENVI-MOBILE: Integration of mobile learning into environmental education fostering local communities development

 Contract number: 2014-1-SK01-KA200-000481

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Bringing more innovative activities into environmental education and increasing interest and participation of local people in communities’ life.

The project aims to:

  1. Provide teachers of primary and secondary schools with relevant and innovative teaching and learning materials focused on environmental education,
  2. Innovative teaching materials while combine general subjects and foreign language teaching (CLIL),
  3. Integrate cross – subject environmental education concept into the teaching process,
  4. Improve the level of key competencies and skills of target groups in science and technology and ICT skills.

To fulfill the specific project objectives the project will produce the following outcomes/ outputs:

a) Open educational resource made up of a database at least 500 interactive environmental exercises, downloadable through a mobile application, providing also a learning resource for environmental education in foreign language (EN).
b) Pedagogical materials – 50 methodologies for cross – subject teaching of environmental education fostering local communities’ development through pro – environmental thinking and supporting the development of science, language and ICT skills.
c) Needs analyses study to identify the key areas of environmental education for particular local communities.

To effectively deliver the project outcomes towards the target group and other potential beneficiaries, following events will be organized:

  • 4 international conferences
  • 3 educational training events for teachers and educators involved in project outcomes` development

Through development of innovative teaching materials the project will help to:

  • Increase the environmental awareness of students and improving their language and ICT key skills, relevant to their future careers in local community.
  • Guide students and teachers to understand the impact of their actions upon the landscape.
  • Improve people’s understanding of the natural and cultural landscape and enhance their capacity for being engaged in policy development and implementation decisions.
  • To develop innovative approaches to sustainable development that builds the capacity of schools and organizations working with youth and to prepare students to take an active role in building the green economy and society.
  • To support students` self-learning in the field of environmental issues and foreign languages by providing them with open access to innovative learning materials.

Overall the project will support sharing of best practices, enhance ICT uptake in teaching and learning, enhance international dimension of education and training through promotion of mobility and cooperation between countries with targeted capacity building in the area of environmental education.

Project was cofinanced by European Union, Programme Erasmus+EU flag-Erasmus+_vect_POS

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