Logo - PNG - velkeStrom života is a non-governmental, non – profit organization active in the field of environmental education and cultural heritage preservation in Slovakia already for 35 years. Main target group of the organization are children in kindergartens, elementary school children and youth in general. The organization provides services for these groups by creating variety of programs focused on environmental education at all levels, including preservation events, publishing activities, environmental competitions and many other. Currently they work with 150 schools nationwide, targeting over 6000 schoolchildren.

logo_IbimetIBIMET-CNR was founded in 2000 by the merge of four different Institutes working in the field of monitoring, environmental analysis and rural development, as part of the Agri-Food Department of the National Research Council of Italy (CNR). IBIMET-CNR employs 60 people on permanent contracts and around 50 on temporary contracts, with background in agriculture, forestry, physics and economy, as well as social and political sciences. IBIMET-CNR applies a multidisciplinary approach in several research fields, such as rural development and environmental conservation. For the last decade, IBIMET-CNR has been focusing on topics related to cultural heritage, conservation, rural development and agriculture both in Europe and in Developing Countries. IBIMET-CNR aims also to overcome the gap between society and science. Over the years, IBIMET-CNR has been engaged in dissemination activities of scientific and educational programs directed to/for adults and students, providing knowledge and expertise on climate, meteorology and their connection to the environment.

 vitaVITA XXI SLP is a micro enterprise established in Murcia, South – East Spain in 2001, providing consulting services for environmental and educational projects. It has been working for Spanish Government for more than nine years dealing with environmental project management in SE of Spain protected areas. VITA XXI SLP representatives were responsible for training, community participation and outdoors outreach biodiversity conservation projects. They provide services on Education, Landscape ecology and Planning and alternative Energy advice based on local and international experience.

 logo mensie INAK“INAK” is an NGO established in the spring 2014, with focus on the development of human resources through providing educational support activities to various target groups. “INAK” supports the principles of lifelong learning, nature and environment protection, building relations to natural and cultural heritage of Slovakia. “INAK” activities are focused on development of human resources through running educational programmes and trainings, developing methodologies, supporting skills of people leading to local community development, while using “Innovation and Creativity” principles.

 svycarnaCivil Association Zakladni clanek HB Modry kamen (founded on 1994), is mainly focused on general personal development of youth, activation of positive interpersonal relationships and exploitation of the principles for sustainable living among the young people.
With up to 50 members of association and hundreds of supporters, they organize several events every year in Czech Republic as well as abroad – such as young exchange (within the programme Youth in Action). Since 2012 they have been providing the educational programmes for school teachers and pupils, aimed at environmental education and old fashioned handicrafts.
Our ongoing programmes are, in particular, focused on rationale of sustainable development, environmental education, aesthetics, art, creativity, handiness, personal self-knowledge, relationships` society enhancement and building the positive attitude and respect towards peoples` culture and nationality. Since 2006 ZC HB Modry kamen has been running the local Ecological centre Svycarna, placed in beautiful countryside in Moravsky kras, where the short-term activities are mostly organized, to provide participants with required background.

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